PhD research

In my PhD research I am working on 16th century polyphonic settings of the Te deum laudamus in the Lutheran tradition. I am capturing all available information/data elements in different layers of a multilayer network model.

Recent Presentations
[ for a full overview of presentations and publications, see Zotero ]

  • The polyphonic “Te Deum laudamus” in the 16th century: a multilayer network representation (June 2022, Agents and Ac­tors: Net­works in Mu­sic His­tory)
  • Networks of music, musical networks: the application of network science in Early Music studies (October 2021, Early Music in the 21st Century)
  • Josquin’s Facebook: ‘dataficatie’ & historische muziekwetenschap (May 2021, KVNM voorjaarssymposium)

Workshop DHBenelux 2018
Information pages provided for the DHBenelux workshop Network analysis and new approaches to music history.